Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Back-to-school shopping has taken on a new form this year as I prepare for college! In years past, my back-to-school tasks have been more focused on finding the perfect planner or pencils. Now things are a lot different! I have to help create a home away from home. Here are some of my favorite (albeit random) back-to-college brands and items that are necessities. The randomness of this post is equivalent to my jumbled brain as I prepare for college!

OLLY Nutrition

Staying healthy in college is a challenge. Add stress on top of living in dorms, and being constantly surrounded by people, and staying healthy in college becomes a hard task! I have a weak immune system, so every morning I take a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C.

Women's Multi in Berry (comes in citrus as well) ~ Purely Probiotic ~ Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 (If season depression is something you struggle with, this extra kick of vitamin D is the prefect boost.)

Get your first bottle free with code OLLYAD, or use OLLYFRIEND to get 10% off! 

Madeline and Company 

One school necessity no matter you age is finding a backpack that works for you. Madeline and Company (last seen on the blog here) just released new colors combinations that are available for pre-order now!



Victoria's Secret Back-to-Campus

Because smelly dorm rooms,  and unwashed clothes are inevitable.



Comfy walking shoes are a necessity on a college campus; especially if you have to walk an average of five miles a day like I will in the fall! I purchased my first pair of Vans a couple weeks ago (read post here) and I absolutely love them. Vans is also offering a deal right now, get $20 off your next purchase when you spend $65+.


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  1. I've been looking for a new vitamin before I head to college! I think the Olly ones may be perfect for helping me not get sick!

    Ashley //