Wednesday, June 22, 2016

College Bound

As I'm getting prepared to head off to college in just two months, reality is beginning to set in! I am actually leaving home and starting a new chapter in my life. My favorite motto whenever I'm leaving my comfort zone is, "Fake it until you make it." Although this motto helps me out 99% of the time, I know in college there will be so many new things that I'll need to be prepared for. One of those new experiences is learning to be responsible for my own finances. In the words of my Dad, "The bank of Mom and Dad ends after college."

This picture was taken when I decided I wanted to attend VT!

Dorm room inspiration via Pinterest 


My new comforter via Target - Muted tones so we don't overpower our tiny dorm room! Here are some of my dorm room necessities from Target... (Cartwheel will be your best friend!)

(I have this hamper and LOVE it! More than likely going to be carrying around the mesh laundry bag, however.) 

As I'm picking out new dorm room decor, I'm starting to realize how quickly things begin to add up! In order to not break the bank on items I'll need, I'm bargain shopping. Thankfully I've always been a bargain shopper and love getting a good deal! Target makes it so easy to get a good deal with Cartwheel. With the Target credit card, not only do I get 5% off every order, but I also get free shipping on every order! There are a lot of perks to this card when it's used responsibly.

When I began driving, my parents co-signed my name to a credit card so I could pay for gas. I never really thought too much about my credit card; I just knew I had to use it for only the necessities. Little did I know how much trouble college students can get into with credit cards. I'm so glad I was able to do a little research with Credit Card Insider to get the facts about students credit cards. If you're heading off to college like I am, be sure to learn the facts! Although I can barely contain my excitement, I know I have to enjoy my time and not rush into things. I'm trying to enjoy being a kid and not stress about finances for as long as possible! However, even for students, credit is important

This post was inspired by Credit Card Insider and in collaboration with ShopStyle

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