Monday, August 17, 2015

The September Issue: Vogue

Crisp pages that crinkle and crack with every turn as they are separated. From Ralph Lauren to Prada and Dior, just the first couple pages allude to its exclusivity. Could I be talking about anything other than the September Issue of Vogue? Nope... The release of the September issue is a holiday for a select few. For those working for Vogue, it means the first second to stop, breath and sleep in months. Every year it gets bigger and better, and this year was no different. Beyoncé graced the cover looking like a piece of art, but honestly when has B not looked like perfection? The icing on the cake, Amazon partnered with Condé Nast and made it even easier to receive this highly anticipated issue. Amazon will deliver it straight to your door in a limited edition custom VOGUE box. 

Because I've been on-the-go all summer, I decided to pick up a copy at the nearest Target. Target was allowed early release rights of the magazine, and was released in stores on the 14th. The cashier checking me out laughed and joked that I must really like reading. He's not kidding! This September issue of Vogue is 832 pages of inspiration. 

The issue over all was spectacular, the editorials were fun and fresh, and the ads featured the models who are most relevant today: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Tavi Gevinson, Karlie Kloss and Margaret Zhang to name a few. Below are a few of my favorite spreads. 

From my Instagram (@whattheclique)

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