Friday, August 21, 2015

"Inside Lands’ End’s Quest for a Younger, Cooler Customer"

I love reading anything and everything fashion related. Being in the know is what keep me motivated as a blogger. That being said, I ran into an article about Lands' End yesterday morning via Bloomberg Business. I had previously seen the Lands' End spread in Vogue and wondered how the company, that had once carried my school uniforms, had secured a spot in the exclusive magazine. With that being said I loved the editorial. However when I visited I was haunted by the reminder of prep school uniforms past. 

This attitude towards the aging clothing label is what the new Lands' End CEO Federica Marchionni is trying to fix. The past Dolce & Gabbana president of U. S. operations, according to Bloomberg was "hired to revive the aging label after its spinoff from former parent Sears Holdings." However can she revamp the company without loosing the interest of their loyal parental crowd? If brands don't grow and continue to reach the next generation of influencers, they seise to exist. My generation of Lands' End uniform wears won't be reaching out to Lands' End for our mom jeans when we have kids. Too many scars from the days of uniform prep schools past.

This cardigan sweater gives me flashbacks to Blair Waldorf when she visited Yale in Gossip Girl. Does anyone have fun in a cardigan? Blair Waldorf would say only while scheming. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and can you really express yourself in a cardigan? I look forward to seeing what Federica Marchionni has in store for the company. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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