Thursday, July 5, 2012

Muse Boutique

While checking out the Barnes and Noble on the Vanderbilt campus, I ran into an adorable little boutique called Muse. Nothing is better than getting to know a new place with their shopping! From what I could tell, the prices ranged from about $20-$100 in the store. The price range reminded me a lot of the pricing at Urban Outfitters, but the item selection reminded me of things that can be found at
  • Jeans were around $60-$80
  • Tops $25-$90
  • Dresses anywhere from $30-$90
  • Jewelry $17-$40
  • Handbags $46- $90
However, I felt like there were more things I liked and could see myself wearing in Muse than I can normally find in Urban Outfitters. Everything in Muse seemed to have both a sexy and girly vibe at the same time. I only had one thing that I didn't like as much, and that was how small the shoe selection was. There were probably only 10 different styles of shoes to choose from.
Muse is the perfect boutique to have on the Vanderbilt campus because it seems to have the clothing any Vandy girl would wear.

I found one piece that I just had to get. Maybe I had to get it because it was on sale... Maybe it was just the fact that I needed a souvenir from my trip to Vandy....Maybe it was just that I liked it.

Originally: $28
Sale: $16
I like a deal.

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