Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interview: Teresa Morone

Me: Where do you live?
Teresa: I live in Guardia Sanframondi a small town in the province of Benevento and I am studying law at the University of Sannio in Benevento ,at the same time   I love fashion so much.
Me: Are you able to gain fashion inspiration from were you live?
Teresa: Usually, I take no inspiration from the city where I live also because many people here have a limited sense of style because they relate to the price fashion apparel they wear and this will severely penalizes.I am inspired by art, magazines, web, colors of the seasons.
Me: What is your favorite current trending item?
Teresa: This winter is very cold, and sweaters are very fashionable, I'm starting to adore them. Then the collars are very popular as a realcollege girl, very American !
Me: What is your "perfect" outfit ensemble?
Teresa: What you think about a sweater, shirt with collar, pleated skirt andhigh heels? This is my winter uniform! For the rest, I think the perfect outfit, is that independently of thedress emphasizes the nature and the physique of the wearer. A woman with the perfect outfit is able to do anything.
Me: What is fashion to you?
Teresa: The word fashion inspires me the ability to change, I think that a fashion blogger is like an actress who manages to give emotions with its outfits. Fashion is like magic because it makes everything more beautiful.
Me: Who is your favorite designer/ designers?
Teresa: I love Coco Chanel for me there will be no one like her, her clothes were elegant and stylish created for women with style,because as she said: <<fashion goes, style remains>> But I also appreciate the elegance of Armani and Prada style,and I'd like to wear Louboutin shoes, it would be wonderful! 
Me: What describes your personal style?
Teresa: My style is eclectic because thanks to the fashion, I can be a different woman every day. Today I am vintage, sexy tomorrow, after tomorrow glam. The fashion allows me to be an actress, allows me to introduce myself to the world. 
Me: What is your favorite store?
Teresa: I love H&M !!!!!!!!!
Me: Who/ what is your fashion inspiration?
Teresa: Models, stars, Hollywood actresses, fashion designers, in short, all women who have been able to make their own not only the beauty but also style and personality.
Me: What is your blog?
Teresa: My blog is born to bet, I am a fashion blogger out of the chorus, I love fashion but most of all I try to to explain that the style and elegance are more important. I love to write about fashion and make recommendations of style, you have seen my virtualpersonal shopper service? What else can I say .... follow me!  
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