Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter Break

I've just arrived home after completing my first semester of college! Wow, where did time go? It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm room and getting lost on campus. 

The center of campus life at my university

Sunset overlooking the soccer field

Lessons I've Learned: 

Prior to college, I refused to ask for help. I saw it as a weakness and was determined to figure things out for myself. Oh boy, was I mistaken! I realized two weeks into my math course that I would not be able to pass my calculus class without a teacher. So, I sought out help. I cannot believe I previously saw this as a weakness. There is nothing that shows you take your academics more seriously than putting in the extra effort. Take that extra step to ensure you understand the material. 

My first trip back home was two month into my first semester. I was so excited to come home for the first time and have my room, my puppy, and my family. After that one trip, however, I realized how much I missed college. Although I still love coming home, I'm always eager to get back to school.

I still always miss this little one, though! 

High school seems so far away. The importance of finding the "right" prom date, being with the "right" group of friends, or even having the "right" look now seems humorous. I sat in the parking lot of my old high school a couple nights ago and wondered why all these things were so important to me.

The longer I sat, the more memories I uncovered. I somehow baked 300 cookies the night before Valentine's day of my junior year in support of the NEDA club (the organization I was the co-president of). I did this while simultaneously surviving the homework load of senior year, and prepping to take the ACT. How? 

I guess it's all relative! At the time, all these things seemed important. The further I get away from it all, the happier I am that my high school days are behind me. 

I know I've said this a million times, but college is the perfect time to take risks and make mistakes. College is a safety net in which you can fail over and over again, and not have any serious repercussions. Take the random class that seems interesting, especially if it's outside of your major! Explore your passions. Never take no for an answer. 

 If you have just finished your first semester of college, or are in the process of applying to college, or just want to chat... 
Feel free to email me whattheclique@gmail.com! I would love to chat about college life! 

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