Friday, September 2, 2016

Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorant

My mom has always been the biggest supporter of all natural products. Whether it's cleaning supplies, produce wash, soaps, etc... You name it, we've tried it. Although some of these all-natural products may have worked, the all-natural deodorant phase definitely did NOT work. I've tested out nearly every natural deodorant on the market, but never found a single one to be effective. As reluctant as I was, I turned to deodorants with harmful chemicals and aluminum in them for relief. I was a high school athlete, and didn't know what else to do! 

Fun fact: did you know your skin absorbs 60% what you put on it

I'm beyond excited to be partnering with the all-natural brand, Kiss my Face today on the blog! From face care and sunscreens, to soaps and deodorants, Kiss my Face has you covered with innovative, all-natural options. Just recently they released two new Quick Dry Spray Deodorants available in two refreshing scents: sport and cucumber green tea. Both aluminum chlorohydrate-free!! 

I decided to test the Sport Quick Dry Spray to see if it was up for the challenge of the 6+ miles I walk everyday on campus. Not only did I get to try out this new deodorant, but Kiss my Face was kind enough to send over some deodorants to share with my amazing roomies as well! 

Here is an overview of my first couple days trying out the product!

I got out of the shower and applied the Sport Quick Dry Deodorant for the first time! The scent is very subtle and smells more like soap than any overpowering fragrance. I'm definitely a fan!

I had a super hectic day planned on Thursday! I had class from 11-12:15, then I had to grab lunch before heading to a business school meeting from 1-2, then I had to run all the way across campus for class from 2-3:15. Not the mention the weather was HOT, and I'm a pro sweater. So gross but true... On top of this, I was wearing jeans because the buildings on campus are freezing. I did have to reapply deodorant once, but I normally have to do that with any deodorants I use. 


I was pretty happy with the effectiveness of the deodorant on Friday! I wore a t-shirt and shorts which is a lot more appropriate for the summer weather. I had another hectic day running from classes to meetings, but thankfully I could rely on the Sport Quick Dry Deodorant to get through my day! 

The ultimate test for any deodorant is a concert. Saturday night I went to a Parachute concert with a group of friends. It was amazing! If you haven't heard of them, they're a band from my hometown of Charlottesville. The auditorium was packed and definitely a test for the new deodorant. Verdict: I stayed fresh all night! To prove the effectiveness of this deodorant... I felt confident enough to take this selfie with the bands lead singer after the concert!

Selfie with Parachute lead singer, Will Anderson, and besties Meaghan and Claire

My roomie, Claire! 

Claire has also been testing out the Quick Dry Spray Deodorant! She decided to try out the Cucumber Green Tea scent so we could compare. Her first comment, "I smell so fresh, like a salad!" Too funny because I thought the same about the Sport deodorant. It smells clean and fresh, and the sage, cucumber, and rosemary ingredients definitely did give off a refreshing salad vibe. (In the best way possible!) If you're still considering why to choose an all-natural deodorant, read more reasons why here!  

Big thank you to Kiss my Face for the deodorants featured in this post! All opinions are my own

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