Saturday, July 30, 2016

The New UGG

One of the reasons I've decided against owning a pair of Ugg boots in the past is due to the fact they aren't water resistant. Seeing as Uggs are winter shoes, it seemed crazy that they couldn't be worn in rain, snow, or mud; which is 80% of the winter days in Virginia. Well, Ugg apparently got the message and just launched the Ugg Classic II,  the new water & stain resistant shoe,  on July 15. 

So what's different? Honestly, not much... According to Cosmopolitan UK,  'Australia' was dropped off the label on the heel of the boot, but that's about the only visual difference. Is the new waterproof shoe enough to get consumers excited? 

                                                                                                    Classic II Short ~ Classic II Tall
                                                                                                Classic II Mini ~ Bailey Button Triplet II
                                                                                             Bailey Button II ~ Bailey Button Triplet II

Best Ugg Fashion Moments: 


Pictures via Pinterest 

How do you feel about the new waterproof Ugg II? Love it? 


  1. So glad to hear that they updated their boots to be waterproof!
    xo, Syd

    1. I'm glad you approve of the update! I've never owned a pair, so maybe now is my time!