Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: LUSH Cup O' Coffee Face & Body Mask

I've always had very sensitive skin and I'm extremely hesitant about the products I use. Whenever it's an option, I always opt to test a product before committing to buying a full size. I recently read an article about the benefits of coffee, I wanted to try it out! I don't have a LUSH close by, and hate paying for the shipping costs, so I put this product on hold for a month or two. My mom was recently in and area where they had a LUSH and picked up a sample of the Cup O' Coffee Face & Body Mask.


Lululemon Headband (exact style no longer available; similar, similar)


There is enough in this little sample to do about 5-6 masks

First reaction:
The smell is a tad strong and lingers after removing mask, so if you are sensitive to smells avoid applying in-between nose and lips.

1) Don't remove the mask with a white wash cloth, coffee stains very easily! (Sorry, Mom!!) 2) It's a little messy.  Not nearly as messy as my DIY version, but I still had to clean up coffee bits from the countertop. In the future I might apply before I shower, and remove in the shower.  3) I wouldn't say there was a dramatic difference after my first use, but there was definitely a difference! My skin looked bright and health, and felt so clean and refreshed. 

After my sample runs out I'm definitely going to purchase this product. It's the perfect product to add to my weekly routine, especially as cold weather is approaching. Dull winter skin is the worst! 

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