Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: Diora Keratherapy & Moxie Hair Salon

I've wanted a Brazilian blowout for years, but the thing that always stopped me was the thought (and price tag) associated with putting so many harsh chemicals on my hair. I thought my prayers had been answered when a friend of mine introduced me to a zero formaldehyde product called Diora Keratherapy. This product offered at Moxie Salon promised to tame my frizzy hair for up to six weeks. The best part was that this treatment was only $50... Too good to be true! Too good to be true was right... Oh boy, was I surprised when the beautician informed me that the $50 treatment was for a one-time, one-wash treatment. The six-week treatment was $150...

After I got over the misleading information previously provided to me, (a.k.a I was internally fuming the entire time my hair was being washed) I went ahead with the treatment. I figured with a really good dry shampoo this blowout would last me until graduation. 

(Can you believe how uneven my hair is straight?! You would never know when it's curly.)

My hair is stick straight, silky smooth, and probably the healthiest it's been for years! If this treatment lasted longer than one wash I'd be in love. It's a great product.

I still don't know exactly what I paid for. (UGH!) There are no Keratherapy products online that are a one-time straightening system. Possibly it was the Express Renewal Plus+ Express Keratin Treatment but I still have no idea. Transparency between client and professional is always greatly appreciated. My appointment at Moxie made me miss the amazing talent and kindness of Rachel from Sol Beauty Salon.

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