Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I can't believe it is only Wednesday! Although I'm happy to be back in warm weather, it was sad to come home after an amazing Easter weekend with my family in Connecticut.

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Returning home Monday night was such a rude awakening that the holiday was over. The second I got off the train I was greeted with a bent (nonfunctioning) iPhone 6 in my coat pocket (Yey!!). Thankfully, after a good 24-hours of grumpiness caused by a night of restless sleep, a 5 am wake up call, and my newly shattered iPhone, my phone was replaced and things returned to normal.

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During my entire 24-hours of "adulting" I realized one thing: everyone I talked to was so helpful and kind. Unfortunately in the moment I was too irritated to realize this. So, I wrote this post as a reminder to focus on the simple happinesses in life... a smile, a door hold, flowers, and especially amazing friends and family.

Happy Wednesday!

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