Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Prom Season

I can't believe prom season is finally upon us. Where has my senior year gone?! Somehow Promposals are just around the corner, and before too long the race to find the perfect dress will begin. Finding the "perfect" dress is always a challenge. It has to make you feel confident without breaking the bank. (Everyone has different budgets when it comes to prom, so I included different options for all price points.) For my junior prom I found a dress that I LOVED (still love), but it had no versatility past prom. This year I wanted to find a dress that I could wear again later and it wouldn't scream prom. I found a beautiful royal blue maxi dress from +LuLus.com that I can see wearing again in the future. It just arrived yesterday in the mail so be on the lookout for pictures on Instagram (@whattheclique)!

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