Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why It Pays To Stand Out

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(I originally wrote this article for the fashion and beauty section of a website, but I thought it would be fun to share on my blog as well.) Individuality is something we are proud of over at What the Clique. Making it in the fashion industry entails marching to the beat of your own drum, and almost nine times out of ten taking fashion risks pay off. Here are my rules to finding your style and standing out.

Wearing A Jacket Draped Over Your Shoulders: 

This might sound like a silly thing to do, but it really does make an outfit. I started doing this a couple years ago just because it was too hot outside to wear a jacket, but too cold inside to not have it at all.


Picture via: Elle EspaƱa ~ Who What Wear 


StyleCaster ~ Miranda Kerr

Wear Heels,  but Only Platform!

The right pair of heels have the ability to transform any look, but there is no point in wearing heels at all if they kill your feet. I've found that the most comfortable heels have a hidden platform in the front. There is also no point in wearing heels any higher than 3 inches if you're uncomfortable. Any higher and they will detract from the outfit instead of adding to it.

Always Layer: 

Layering is always so much fun. Jeans and a simple blouse always look more professional when paired with jacket and scarf. I firmly believe that a basic t-shirt can be transformed if it is paired with the right jacket or sweater.


Pinterest ~ Pinterest 


Little Blonde Book ~ Pinterest 

Fit Is Always More Important Than Brand-name:

If something is tailored properly for your body it will always look more expensive. Fit is everything, and has the ability to turn a $5 thrift store find into a bombshell piece. If a brandname piece doesn't fit you properly don't even bother, it's not worth the money!

Some Pieces Just Don't Work:  

Everyone is built differently, if you think of it in terms of celebrities, what works for Karlie Kloss won't work for Miley Cyrus. Not only do they don't have very different styles, but they also have different heights and fit preferences. Everyone is beautiful! Find what works for you in terms of fit and style.

There Will Always Be A Look For Less:

There will always be replications of expensive items, especially if they are trendy that season. H&M and Target are two of my favorite places to look for bargain deals.

Invest In Staple Pieces:

There are a few staple pieces that should be in any women's wardrobe. These staple pieces include black heels, tan heels, a black tank top, dark wash jeans, a trench coat, tall black or brown boots and a blazer. Think of items with versatility.

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