Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year" Contest

I had so much fun working with my amazing Dad to shoot these pictures for the "Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year" contest. A requirement of this contest was to style your favorite pieces from H&M. H&M has been my go-to fashion destination since I was about 13. They have amazing pieces at inexpensive prices that can complete any wardrobe. I love finding pieces that draw the eye and receive comments like, "That's from H&M? It looks designer." H&M allows me to play around with fashion and take trendy risks I normally would never take. I had a great time shooting this outfit and I hope you enjoy! (If you pay close attention in these pictures you can see how my curly hair battled with the humidity throughout this entire shoot.)

Top: +J.Crew 
Skirt: +H&M 
Bag: +H&M 
Shoes: +Target
Location: Greenwich, Connecticut 

The wind started blowing and my hair refused to cooperate.

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