Thursday, August 21, 2014

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Since my two weeks in New York City I have been obsessed with Keds and Converse shoes. Walking the streets of NYC is the ultimate test of how comfortable your shoes actually are. I returned to my dorm after only my first day of classes with blisters and aching feet. The only thing worse than having throbbing feet, is being the only one on dorm with aching feet! Almost all of the other girls wore their white converse shoes (seen below on TCP) or Keds on the long walks/subway rides to class every day.  


Converse: Seen on The College Prepster ~ Keds: Seen on Taylor Swift

Since my two weeks in New York I now have my own pair of Keds! I debated whether to get a white pair of either Converse or Keds because of their versatility, however in the end a navy and white pair of Keds trumped all the others. 



I was debating on getting the sailboat pair as well. They are just so fun! 

Picture from my Instagram

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